Koreo Nejikomu - Design IX (Falls 2016)

    A Japanese Themes Inn
  • Traditional Japanese outlook on art and architecture, has always been grounded in ecological values that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are grounded with simple and deliberate design moves.

    Through Japanese architecture, this hotel brings order to and improves contemporary ecological relations and creates a stylistic Japanese atmosphere that is inspired by the meticulous historic art of Japanese living, harmony and intellect.In addition to its deliberate order and its emphasis on simplicity, Japanese architecture puts emphasis on nature and their therapeutic capabilities.
  • Factorials of tatami modules

    As we started to translate the contextualized nature of traditional Japanese architecture into the urban context, we began to use tatami mats to define the proportions of our rooms, restricting them to a set of squares grids that combine the 3’ by 6’ tatami mat module.​​​​​​​
  • Our facade, as well as our room tatami module, uses a 3’ by 6’ and a 3’ by 3’ set of tatami modules that are placed together to form a larger set of modules.
    These Larger modules are then applied to a series of  arithmetic variations that respond to privacy, changes in function, and an order of transition.

  • Outer Layer - Intermediate Layer - Inner Layer
  • Site I : Small scale proposition
  • Site II : Medium scale proposition
  • Site III : Large scale proposition