Baby Blue / Crocheted Seating

  • This crocheted children’s chair was created as part of an experimental 3D Textiles class, and is made completely of paracord. Its strength comes from the size and configuration of the stitch, thus giving it superior structural integrity without the use of hardware or padding. This project was featured at the 2016 International Contemporary Furniture Fair.
  • Through various rounds of iteration, the design was refined to a highly structural form. Enlarging the footprint and decreasing the length of the back improved its strength, which allows the chair to disperse weight evenly. Single-stitch crochet is used to minimize space between the stitches, adding to the durability of the piece.
  • Using in the round and circular crochet, Baby Blue is made of one piece of paracord and does not rely on any hardware or padding. The hollow interior keeps the piece lightweight, yet can support up to 125 pounds.
  • This project was featured at the 2016 International 
    Contemporary Furniture Fair.