Versus| Glass Pavilion Competition Entry

  • Versus
  • The 2017 Architectural Glass Student Design Competition.  Sponsored by the Finish Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region and Philadelphia University. The challenge was to create a link between the campuses of two merging universities through the design of two glass pavilions that would be placed at the heart of each college. 
  • This design acknowledges that one of the most basic ways two people can interact is through play. When we were children, we did not have the mental capacity or emotional maturity that helps define many of our relationships today, so play was the one and only way we created long, lasting friendships. This design aims to create an opportunity for Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University students to form relationships in that way, through the simple game of tic-tac-toe. Played between old friends on one campus, or unknown companions on the campus only a few miles away, Versus allows students to communicate through play.