Liberties Medical Center Lobby

  • For the materials we wanted to use natural colors that are seen in nature to bring a calming space to the viewer. We wanted to play off the shades of greens from the Green Walls and contrast them with light/deep blues.

  • All of the boards together
  • Concept:
    Designing a space, showing, connectivity between nature and the human body through serenity of colors and symmetry.
  • First Floor of the Lobby
  • Second Floor of the Lobby
  • Third Floor of the Lobby
  • Section of all Floors of the Lobby
  • Cross Section of all Floors of the Lobby highlighting the Green Wall and the Lights
  • Exterior Elevation
  • RCP of the Lobby shoowing the cascading lights in the Lobby
  • Perspective of the Lobby showing the Green Walls/ Fireplace in the space