Design 6: Ad Agency

  • Roots Advertising Agency​​​​​​​
  • Project: Office Design 
    The goal of this project was to design a full-service advertising agency. A workplace that must balance organization and research with creativity. The firm is very concerned with the health of the natural environment and the workplace. It strives to utilize environmentally friendly media and promote the overall preservation of the natural world. The building is pre-existing, and the goal was to create a new sustainable environment and design for building in an office park near the Northeast Philadelphia Airport.

    While being influenced by Indonesian Rice terraces, the design focuses on cohesive circulation and a dynamic sense of unity. To heighten the level of sustainability, focusing on something that has a natural structure was very prominent in the design because it allows the curvature and movements make the space more purposeful.

  • Perspective of Open Office space
  • Perspective of Ampitheater Seating 
  • Perspective of collaborative space with private phone booths in the background 
  • Board 1
  • Board 2
  • Concept Collage
  • Mood Board
  • Site plan 
  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan 
  • Section showing the open office 
  • Detail of Amphitheater stairs 
  • Axon of Custom made Workstation 
  • Plan of workstation 
  • Power Plan of workstations 
  • Section of living ceiling in the open office space