Design VIII, Capstone: The Big Apple Castle

  • CONCEPT: The Big Apple Castle is a boutique Disney Hotel in NYC. A spiraling central element with classic Disney images rises through the floors of the hotel conveying the powerful effects of Disney’s storytelling. Its bold form, strong gesture, vivid colors and ethereal translucence impart feelings of magic and wonder. It also speaks to a Disney principle “All actions in life have a slightly circular motion.” 
    SUSTAINABILITY: In order to maintain a sense of sustainability throughout the project, I kept the existing elevators and fire stairs to keep demolition down. Additionally, all of the materials selection and finishes maintain a level of sustainability to limit The Big Apple Castle’s environmental foot print. 
    WHY?: New York City and Disney World are tied together through their long history and each successfully brings the importance of family and magic to their guests. Appealing to the diverse cultures within both the Disney and New York City communities, this hotel will develop a community of peace, unity and happiness. While, at the same time captivating all ages, which is an attribute the Walt Disney Company strives for with all they do. Guests will not want to leave the magical place that brings their family together, they will come back for years and years to come. It will also produce a sense of escapism that most people seek, especially within the city named “most stressful” by CNN
  • Ground Floor Restaurant
  • Ground Floor Plan
  • Ground Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • 2ND Floor Plan
  • 3RD Floor Plan
  • 3RD Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • 6TH-10TH Floor Plan
  • Spiral Axon
  • Spiral Section
  • Curved Wall Section Elevation
  • Digital Interactive Wall Detail Elevation
  • Restaurant Mural Detail Elevation
  • Reception Desk Detail Elevation
  • Spiral Detail Section
  • Banquette Detail Section
  • Guest Entrance
  • Ground Floor Restaurant
  • 2ND Floor Reception
  • 2ND Floor Reception
  • 3RD Floor Kid's Space
  • 3RD Floor Kid's Library
  • Guest Room
  • Guest Lounge
  • Materials Board