La Baguette Rebrand

  • The rebrand focused on transforming a nontraditional looking French Bakery into a more updated and cohesive French Boulangerie. By taking inspiration from French ceramic tiles along with the le Grimoire (the French Book of Magic), this French Bakery fused tradition with practicality in order to create the new and updated brand.
  • below: Packaging for small breads, baked goods, etc.
  • below: The backings of all packaging include social media links in order to promote consumer feedback and communication since La Baguette heavily focuses on creating a connection with all consumers.
  • Although La Baguette focuses on serving French baked goods to consumers, they also heavily promote consumers to sit down and enjoy the French cafe experience. It was important to try to keep consumers to want to stay and learn more about the bakery while they enjoy their meal. Newspapers are also a main channel of communication in France, allowing consumers to subconsciously feel that they are a part of the French life. 
  • The bakery heavily promotes social media interaction in order to inform consumers of special deals, promotions, and events. In order to prevent those posts from becoming mundane, interest is added to social media by including fun, French baking-related facts.
  • Tiles were also created in order to bridge the gap between French and American restaurant culture. Americans typically do not like putting their food, especially bread, onto tables. They would rather place them on top of plates. Unlike Americans, the French have no problems resting their bread on table tops, they actually prefer it. In order to mend the two, French tiles have been created to serve as a resting place for consumers breads while they are eating. These tiles can be used both decoratively and purposefully.