Baby Laundry Strips / Johnson + Johnson

  • This project was completed by a 5 member team in collaboration with Johnson + Johnson for their 
    new line of baby laundry detergent. 
  • Our client was looking for something that wasn't a pod, because of its likeness to candy. We started sketching, and decided a wafer shape would be more appropriate and safe.
  • The t-shirt shape and packaging is designed for accessibility and safety. 
    Each laundry strip completes one load, and has fun sayings on every one.
  • Keeping within Johnson + Johnson branding was important, so we developed labels that conformed to their color palette.
  • The final packaging has a cellophane strip on top, allowing for easy reseal and storage. The box would be placed right next to the washer, as single handed use is most preferable for parents.