Knoll+Flying Fish Beer Label Competition collection

  • The Annual Label Design Challenge
    presented by Knoll + Flying Fish Brewing Co.
  • The Challenge:
    Design a Knoll-inspired concept for a Flying Fish beer bottle label! Blend the Knoll and Flying Fish brands into an original design to be displayed at The Flying Fish Crafthouse in Philadelphia.
  • Our concept:
    Focusing on classic Knoll design and furniture, this collection is for the beer connoiseur in all of us. each flavor incorporates the essence of both the designer and product, balanced by the heart of the beer-making process.
  • Flavor 1: Hoppy Harry
  • The design for this flavor incorporates the Harry Bertoia chair as part of hops, a main ingredient in the beer-making process.

  • Flavor 2: Pork Knoll Porter
  • The design for this flavor incorporates pork roll, the title flavor of a popular Flying Fish brew, as part of the Florence Knoll table.

  • Flavor 3: Tulip Trippel
  • The design for this flavor incorporates Eero Saarinen's Tulip chair as part of a traditional trippel glass.

  • Flavor 4: Wheat van der Rohe
  • The design for this flavor incorporates wheat as part of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's MR Chaise.

  • Flavor 5: Olivares Oyster Stout
  • The design for this flavor incorporates an oyster, the title flavor of another popular Flying Fish stout brew, as the seat of Jonathan Olivares' Aluminum chair.

  • Flavor 6: Stuff Yer Face Saarinen
  • The design for this flavor features Eero Saarinen's Executive Armless chair eating hops, which is a play on Flying Fish's Stuff Yer Face Anniversary Ale.

  • *Our designs won FIRST PLACE in the city-wide competition.*