Design 6- Arena Advertising Agency

  • Project Description:

    This is a “contract” design project, where we are creating a workplace for an advertising agency; in this instance a sports advertising agency. This space should balance organization and research as well as creativity, along with the intent to be sustainable and "green".


    To create an energetic yet comforting workplace through angles that mimic the quick movements and decision making skills of an athlete. While athletes physically make quick movements, an advertising agency must do the same in terms of turn around and creativity. Teamwork and planning and brainstorming are key elements when it comes to this type of work as well as in the field, or on the court.

  • Final Presentation
  • Analysis Diagrams
  • Site Analysis
  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Workstation Perspective
  • Flex Space Perspective
  • Brainstorming Perspective
  • Conference Room Perspective
  • Flex Space Axon- Detail
  • Flex Space Section- Detail
  • Light Wall Axon- Detail
  • Reception Desk Elevation- Detail
  • Reception Desk Section- Detail
  • Workstation Axon
  • Workstation Plan
  • Workstation Power Plan