• Vila.
    A stress relieving lighting solution for the workplace.

  • In the United States, 44% of people lose 1 hour of productivity a day due to stress. Moreover, 65% cite work as their largest stressor.
  • The health of Americans is deteriorating because of the stress caused in the workplace. Designers experience this frequently because of fast work pace, constant revisions, and a lack of direct control over their work.

    Vila is designed to relieve this stress by introducing warm lighting into their work space. Warm light at 2200 to 3000 Kelvin has been proven to reduce stress. Lighting is also considered work appropriate as it is essentially non-disturbing to coworkers.

  • Market Research
  • According to Steelcase White Papers there currently is not a lighting solution for office environments that has a focus on improving the health of employees.

  • Sketching
  • I sketched with stress relief in mind and therefore avoided using color as that can invoke stress. I then showed the sketches to 30 designers within different disciplines. They all thought that continuous and rounder forms communicated stress relief.

  • Material Research
  • To find out what materials and colors were the most stress relieving I surveyed 50 designers. I gave them all the choice of a number of images and asked them which ones they found the most stress relieving. The images that were rated as that were neutral in tone, textured, and reminiscent of sleep or sleep.

  • Prototyping and Development

  • Features

  • Manufacturing

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