Senior Mentor Center "FreeFly"

  • The Logo For The Center "FREEFLY"
    We wanted something that reflected the idea of growth and being free to do whatever you want
  • Concept Images:
  • This was our main concept image "Growth and Development"
  • Concept:
    To create a space that incorporates BALANCE, CENTRAL DENSITY, and LINEAR MOVEMENT in order to mimic the SYMBOLIC life cycle of a BUTTERFLY
  • Initial Floor Plans 
  • For the Color Scheme, we wanted to use the butterfly in nature
  • Floor Plan (Digital and Hand Render) 
  • RCP Showing the layout of the geometric "butterflies" hanging from the ceiling 
  • Section of the whole length of the space 
  • Perspective of the Library Area   
  • A Detail of the "Walk Through Bookshelf" in the Library Area 
  • Perspective of the Entrance 
  • Perspective of the Kitchen 
  • Material Board showcasing are interject finishes 
  • Looking Down On The Model 
  • Digital Axon 
  • Final Board