Revince App & Focus Band

    There is a great stigma associated with mental disorders. Admitting that one has a problem induces embarrassment, even fear of what peers will think. Although there are many self-help applications that focus on coping with anxiety, none offer an immediate grounding device for when a person suffers from an anxiety episode. 

    Revince means ‘to overcome.’ This app plus wearable system provides prompted breathing exercises that act as a grounding device for when a woman is having an anxiety episode. This app also helps track daily mental health by providing a visual gauge that indicates heart rate levels which can then indicate if there is a need to seek treatment from a physician. These two features aid to minimize  anxiety around mental disorders and the stigma associated with seeking help for them. 

  • Image credit: Apple Inc. Image
  • Micro-site for Revince app and Focus Band
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  • Image credit: Woman - Pexels Image
  • Embedded Invision prototype of interactive Revince app
  • Special thanks to SØren Sibbesen, for collaborating on the design and production of the Focus Band renderings and to Christine Kennedy, Ph.D., LPC, Assistant Professor, Community and Trauma Counseling at Thomas Jefferson University, for aiding in the research for this thesis project. Thanks for viewing!