Fashion Showroom Sunnei Rome 2017

  • The building we were assigned was Bramante's Cloister in Rome, Italy. We had to figure out how to combined the Renaissance style of the cloister with a modern and hip fashion designer 

    Diagrams Focusing on Bramante's Cloister: 
  • The 2018 Spring Collection of Sunnei (was inspired by the last day of school and how people have fun) 
  • Inspiration:
  • Diagrams Focusing on Concept:
  • Concept: 
    Focusing on the 2018 Spring Collection, I wanted to bring the excitement of the outfits and how they scream fun with bold stripes, colorful fabrics, and versatility by fuzing the conventional with unconventional of the Renaissance with Modern  
  • First Floor Plan 
  • ​​​​​​​
    Having a forced circulation with a yellow stripe makes people travel upstairs allowing me to show clients and customers the history of Sunnei with displays of past collections which highlights my concept of learning (conventional) then at the end of the striped path is the slide (unconventional) that forces you into the new collection of Sunnie and the idea of having fun after learning/studying like in school   
  • First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan
  •                      DJ/Dance Floor:                                                                Media Tunnel: 
  • Section of the Slide (Travels from the second floor to first floor, showing the conventional to unconventional)
  • Second Floor Plan (Highlighting the circulation through the space)
  • Second Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Section Showing What You Would See Traveling Down The Slide 
  • 2017 Winter Collection (This collection and others would be represented on the second floor as the educational part, learning about the company) 
  • Perspective Going Down The Slide 
  • First Floor Perspective (showing once your off the slide) 
  • For the furniture I wanted to focus on very modern and sleek pieces with a lot of metallic's to contrast with the existing materials of the Cloister