Anwyn Shoes & Accessories Packaging

  • Anwyn is an elite shoes and accessories brand. Its name comes from Welsh roots, meaning “fair and beautiful.” The unique diamond-shaped logo derives from the Welsh lovespoon tradition, where diamonds signify prosperity and wealth. Experiencing Anwyn is an elegant moment, reflective of an elegant brand. To emphasize this, Anwyn uses neutral colors and strategically-placed silver foil. The subtlety of these elements ensures that the packaging does not distract from the product. This principle also carries to the diamond-patterned tissue paper in the interior of each package.

    To further embody Anwyn’s luxury, a drawered box houses each pair of high-quality, comfortable shoes. The drawer’s custom handle is a three-dimensional form of the diamond logo, showcasing an “A” for Anwyn on each face. Anwyn’s accessories also come in a drawer, which reinforces the gift-like experience the brand provides to its customers. This small accessories drawer can hold items for customers to wear or use to show their love for the brand, such as jewelry or a charm (as seen above) that can attach to handbags or keychains.