Manayunk Studios (WIP)

  • The double helix in the logo is inspired by DNA, the blueprint for life. Your DNA and my DNA while similar, are not exactly the same. In fact, no one’s DNA is exactly the same not even identical twins. And that’s what makes DNA such an amazing part of life.   

    Like DNA, creativity is not exactly the same for everyone. It means different things, it represents different things and manifests into different things. Which is exactly why DNA representing MNYK Studios is the ultimate goal. 

    It’s not just a recording studio. Or a cyclorama room. Or a green screen. It’s a creative hub. It’s taking different experiences, mediums, parts, and people to create something unique. The double helix simply by itself would represent MNKY Studios, but why stop there. As you peel back the layers you reveal what makes up our DNA. An arrow. An arrow pointing to the right, moving forward. Not only is it moving forward, but it’s overcoming an opposing force. Grit. MNYK Studios will be about the people. People pursuing, people overcoming, people creating.