Opportunity Television – Fictional TV station

  • Opportunity Television is a fictional television network that showcases films created by student and amateur filmmakers. When branding the network, I used a five-color scheme and created a type logo as well as an animated logo. 
  • The folder is formatted to hold all aspects of the company's branding – business cards, stationery, style guide, envelope(s), stationery, and mailing label(s).
  • The mailing system includes an envelope, a letterhead, and a mailing label. The envelope has our teal color on the inside flap. The header of our stationery is made of the "o" pattern fading into the logo.
  • The business cards are comprised of our pattern in five different color variations. Each color represents a different department in the company. 
  • OTV's brand guidelines book contains all information needed to represent our brand. The 16 page book is spiral bound to mimic the circles used in the logo, pattern, and animation. Our guidelines are divided into three categories, divided by tabs – logos, color, & type, stationery, and merchandise.