Illy Bookstore Cafe 3rd Place IIDA 2018

  • Full Board 
  • Concept Diagrams 
  • Concept Statement:
    Inspired by illy's innovated espresso machine "X7.1 iperespresso", we abstracted the process of how coffee is filtered through a funnel and combined it with modernizing the idea of the bookstore 
  • Floor Plans:
  • Outside Perspective 
  • Third Floor Cafe Perspective 
  • First Floor Perspective of the Funnel 
  • Inspiration for the Reading Pods 
  • Reading Pod Drawings 
  • Digital Rendering of the Reading Pod 
  • Book Ordering System 
  • Fifth Floor Perspective of the Book Shelves 
  • Moving Pod Drawings 
  • Mobile Pod Rail 
  • Floor Plan of the Funnel and Mobile Rail 
  • Basement Perspective 
  • Material Strategies 
  • Material and Furniture