Make the World Better Foundation

  • Make The World Better, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Connor Barwin, then linebacker for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles. The organization works to build civic engagement through a robust community-led public space redevelopment process, engaging many partners along the way. In 2017, MTWB came to Neff for a brand update and website. 

    Our team has worked to redesign the entire corporate identity to better reflect MTWB’s values and efforts on a micro and macro level, as well as design and develop a new custom website to communicate the important goals and work of this foundation.


  • Our team worked with the Make the World Better Foundation to create a brand that captured their vision for what they wanted to accomplish throughout Philadelphia parks and beyond. The icon represents communities coming together to create and better our local neighborhoods and world at large. The type was custom designed to encompass the unity and progression that their foundation lives upon.

  • The website was designed to both reflect the brand and keep a youthful aesthetic to represent the kids lives and communities that are being bettered by the MTWB foundation. The key aspects of the design are curved, playful edges and bright pops of color.