• Tuna Bar is a Japanese Raw Bar concept created by Owner and Executive Chef Kenneth Sze. Located in Old City Philadelphia, Tuna Bar boasts a relaxing, upscale atmosphere serving fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

    In 2017, Neff Associates was hired to create the branding and website for Old City’s newest Japanese restaurant. By combining traditional Japanese lettering and modern strokes and colors, the brand is a representation of the seamless blend of traditional Japanese cuisine in a modern atmosphere.

  • The final logo was taken from traditional Japanese lettering inspiration, using perfect negative and positive spacing and alignment. The ink stroke, which was hand created using a traditional Japanese ink brush, breaks the space and represents traditional Japanese ink lettering, while being executed in a modern way with copper foil.

  • The website created for Tuna Bar represents a visual environment to capture the restaurant’s blend of traditional and modern cultures. To capture the preciseness executed in the logo, we designed a navigation that brings balance to the site. While the structure maintains stability, we added visual elements such as off-grid photography, similar to the stroke through the logo, to disrupt the solidity of the structure.