Comcast Comm Ops

  • Comcast Voorhees is a former data center turned 24-hour staff call and dispatch center designed by NORR. This center is coined as the “CommOps” office and is the first of its kind. Comcast wished to highlight customer service with the renovation, emphasizing that if employees feel valued, then they are likelier to turn out better service. Workstations include of mix of individual and collaborative spaces, with the latter featuring soft seating located under giant drum light fixtures with acoustical lining in the shade to help voices from carrying outside of the space. A TV wall displays a variety of TV shows, movies and call center metrics, and a kitchen and lunchroom are shared by CommOps and the call center. A row of supervisor stations is placed within direct eyesight to employees, which is intended to improve the customer service experience. I took part in the entire design process from initial schematic design through construction administration.