Growing Space : An Arboretum Approach to Unification

  • Growing Space proposes to unify Morgan Village through a transitional growth process defined by an organized street tree plan and community spaces that evolve within the rows of nursery and orchard trees. The process will utilize neglected parcels in the village as nurseries to grow street trees. As the trees are transplanted they create continuity through the streets and the void spaces in the nurseries become public spaces for the growth of community bonds.
  • The plans along the left show theprogression of the new tree canopy as it develops from nurseries to streetsover a ten year span. The axons depict this change as well. In addition theygive an understanding of how community spaces are created as trees are movedfrom nurseries to tree trenches.   
  • These plans and table depict specifications for tree species for planting and transplanting.

  • The approach to unification through the process of growing treeswould increase the number of trees in Morgan Village by more than 300 percent.This would have positive social, ecological, and economic impacts. 
  • Sections cut through different growing typologies in Morgan Village : Minor Tree Nursery, Orchard, Major Tree Nursery
  • Reverend Evers Park acts as a central hub in unifying the community.  Its location connects all three residential zones of Morgan Village and provides three types of spaces defined by trees for recreational use.
  • These perspectives depict the three tree typologies of Reverend Evers Park 20 years after the start of the project.