• A Study in Form
    The Planar Chair - 2015
    The planar chair project is the final for freshman industrial design studio at Philadelphia University. The objective is to study forms created by flat planes. Exploration began with miniature paper models to eventually create a scale model of a chair inspired by our exploration in form. 
  • Miniature paper models 
  • After many smaller studies I was drawn to single, continuous line. 
  • The way the form weaves in and out of itself making up the seat, back rest, and legs without breaking the plane inspired further development.​​​​​​​
  • Larger scale models
  • scored bristol paper (left), bent walnut ply (middle), scored bristol paper (right)
  • Molded polystyrene
  • Yellow foam mold for final production of scale model
  • Final Design
    A single continuous cut of polystyrene is heat formed around a yellow foam mold. When bent the pattern creates the legs, seat, and backrest without breaking the plane.