Design 6: Drift Medical Centre

  • Final Board 
  • Tanger Outlet of Salt Lake City 
  • Diagrams for the floor plan:
  • Concept Statement:
    Drift Medical Centre aims to mimic the serene and natural environment that the landscape of Salt Lake City, Utah evokes. This is done through abstracting the idea and “drift” of the water through a strong datum dominating the design. As a space targeted towards young families in a vacation destination, Drift Medical Centre values the idea of community and designs firstly with family in mind.
  • Floor Plan focusing on the Linear Path to the Courtyard 
  • Reception and Main Hall Perspective 
  • Nutrition and Family Room Perspective
  • Section Highlighting the cut through the Courtyard and Main Hall 
  • Courtyard and Group Seating Perspective 
  • Section cutting through the Consulting rooms and Courtyard 
  • Materiel's Board/Furniture: 
    We wanted to focuses on the soft tones of nature through water and plants and to keep it light so that your eye was focused on the Courtyard