Juiced (Branding/Packaging)

  • Start your day with Juiced, a juice bar in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn whose mission is to provide an energizing experience for its customers and to promote low-waste habits. Juiced offers products that make it easy to reduce waste—like the Bottle Project bottle and the 6-pack of aluminum straws—which can be purchased on-location and reused for years to come.

    When you come to Juiced, you have three options for drinkware: plastic cup to go, glass cup to stay, or glass bottle to save the earth. The discounts available with the Straw Project and the Bottle Project make your choice an easy one. To top it off, stickers and to-go bags make it easy to share Juiced’s energizing, earth-saving mission, free of charge.

    This project won the silver 2018 Indigo Design Award for branding in the non-professional graphic design category. See it here.
  • Menu, two-sided. 5.5" x 12"
  • The Bottle Project sample bottles, 12 fl. oz. each
  • Bottle tops, 2" diameter
  • Set of 6 aluminum straws plus cleaner in custom drawstring pouch, approx. 13" high