Roma Bookstore- Cliffhanger

  • Our final project while abroad in Rome was to design a bookstore in the existing Zara Flagship store on Via del Corso. This building is classical structure originally built in the 1880's and was renovated in 2010 into the existing Zara space. Due to its historical relevance, we were unable to touch the facade or the Corinthian columns. We each had to research and choose an Italian public figure that would be our client and fund the bookstore. I chose Loris Cecchini, an Italian artist, and used his art and installation works as an inspiration for my design. I wanted to create a timeless and simplistic space that would highlight the architectural integrate as well as the art works by Cecchini that are displayed throughout the space.  
  • Concept: My concept for the CLIFFHANGER bookstore was inspired by Loris Cecchini's use of suspension in many of his works. I wanted to create a space that focused on hierarchy, suspension, and transparency to distinguish public and private spaces which was executed through the use of enclosed glass rooms that varied in quantity as you ascend each level.