TL;DR Magazine: A Period Piece (Editorial)

  • TL;DR Magazine: A Period Piece
  • Each month, TL;DR chooses a new topic to break down for its readers. The title is an acronym for "too long, didn't read," which is a term used online to indicate a summary of a passage appeared to be too long to invest the time to digest. The magazine's goal is to make the complexity of current issues more digestible and understandable for readers approximately ages 18–25 that want to have an educated world view. 

    It’s 2018, and sadly, menstruation still taboo in our society. In the December 2017 issue, TL;DR discusses the history of the issue and curates current articles surrounding it. In 40 pages, it lays out how menstruation affects global health, the environment, the economy, education, policy, and more.

    This project was a panel presentation at the 2018 Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • What makes TL;DR unique is its approach to the advertisements within the pages, in addition to the content. The ads in each issue are sponsored by organizations and movements relevant to that month’s topic and are presented in a satirical, interesting way. Placing ads that contribute to the publication’s mission is a way to maximize its reach and affect.