Women can invent too (WIP)

  • From inventing Kevlar to the first dishwasher or research that led to mobile phones or prototyping to create the first windshield wipers, these ladies created technology that many humans utilize daily. Shout out to all the ladies creating out things. 
  •                                            Stephanie Kwolek

    -Pennsylvania Native
    -Chemist, graduated from Carnegie Mellon
    -Worked at DuPont testing chemicals for extreme conditions

    Invented: Kevlar, which protects people from danger, keep bike tires durable and other applications such as racing sails on boats
  •                        Josephine Cochrane (WIP)

    -Had a mansion
    -Enjoyed throwing dinner parties 
    -Got tired of her china being chipped by her servants

    Solution: the first Dish Washing Machine, which used water pressure to clean dishes and was initially used in restaurants and hotels.

    US Patent US355139A if you're really curious.
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