MS Textile Design Thesis Exhibit

  • MS Textile Design Thesis Exhibit

  • “All is flux. Nothing stays still” is the crux of Heraclitus’ Doctrine of Flux (circa 500 B.C.E.), as held by Plato and Aristotle, which states that:

    1) everything is in constant flux, 
    2) opposites are identical, and therefore, 
    3) everything is and is not at the same time. 

    This collection takes inspiration from this argument and other fragments by Heraclitus and explores the logical incongruity and haziness of his ideas. Heraclitus writes in riddles and paradoxical analogies. Even the idea of ‘constant change’ implies a contradiction. This collection serves as a unique metaphor for these ideas and explores their inherent ambiguities in a different way than philosophical discourse. 

    Textiles are able to tangibly evaluate and illustrate Heraclitus‘ concepts of change, identity, opposition, and repetition. By translating these analogies into the language of design, yarn, and structure, a re-contextualized argument emerges. Perhaps because of textile’s dissimilarity to analytic philosophy, it is in a perfect position to explore philosophy about incongruity and opposition. The beauty of Heraclitus’ paradoxes is unraveled into a collection of fabrics, garments, and art objects that balances somewhere between the practical and conceptual.