Camp Naya (Concept, Web Design, Packaging, Layout)

  • Camp Naya is an annual traveling, one-week summer camp for children that have been adopted, ages 8–15. It is unique because it welcomes adoptees from all backgrounds (e.g. adopted internationally, ​domestically, from foster care, etc.) and promotes strong family ties throughout the duration of the camp. Parents and campers do the first day of Camp Naya together, and then the campers have the rest of the week to spend with their peers and friends. The programming does not formally address adoption—as to not feel like a therapy camp—but rather encourages informal discussions and story-telling in organic conversation.

    The logo is a blend of visual cues from the adoption symbol, a wolf, and camp site landscapes.

    The wolf theme that permeates throughout Camp Naya symbolizes trust, bravery, sense of belonging, and strong family values. People who have been adopted often struggle in these areas because things have not always been constant or reliable. Materials in the camper kits, as well as the activities at the camp sites, encourage healthy communication and expression through creativity and movement. For many children, it can be difficult to find the words to express what they want to say so they resort to acting out. Camp Naya serves as a center for finding lifelong connections and friendships with others that can empathize from similar first-hand experiences.

  • Welcome Kit
  • Custom welcome kits are sent to campers before they arrive at Camp Naya. Kits are branded with the camper's age-appropriate pack (Scouts ages 8–9, Hunters ages 10–12, or Warriors ages 13–15).

    Each kit includes a T-shirt, a backpack, a water bottle, a personalized information pamphlet, creativity tools, and letter writing tools.
  • Each pack has its own color and icon, which promotes a sense of belonging and community. Pamphlets—which include a packing list, a specific schedule for your camper, and information for parents with directions and camp policies—are clearly labeled and easy to keep handy (e.g. on the refrigerator, pinned to a calendar, etc.)
  • Creativity Tools, such as a journal and writing utensils, promote self expression through artistic outlets.
  • Letter Writing Tools encourage clear, expressive communication, as well as creativity and narrative-building skills.
  • Website

    To view the Camp Naya website, click here.