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  • Egg Chairs for Classic Design in Your Home

    When Arne Jacobsen arranged the hotel's egg chairs for the lobby, the Radisson SAS in 1958, little did he know that he even created sophisticated classic symbols. The site is in place right up to the present years, has a perfect feature in advertising, movies and television. Of course, these chairs have been licked by offices, resorts as a symbol of high life and they provide maximum comfort for passengers.

    The egg chair has been manufactured by Fritz Hansen since they were first designed. These special seatsare special limited edition that can be used to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the seat. The Egg chair has a unique design that provides a similar feeling that shelter in a secure cocoon. Egg shape passes by padding seat with cold foam,with basic of aluminum and possibly in fabric or leather. Movement is easy as it is easy to rotate or tilt in a chair. Lounging on an egg chair is very relaxing.

    Original egg chairs may be expensive but they are absolutely perfect and can leave the impression of luxury and luxury. Original chairs have certain characteristics. The manufacturer has a 4-star design and is made of cast aluminum. Plastic glider mounted on the base to protect the floor. Frame made of fiberglass material. This chair can tilt and adjust according to the weight of the person.

    However, the original seats are not for everyone. They charge real bundles starting from 3,500 10,500! Well, that's why they have a reputation for being the best! If you want to get a cheap and affordable price, just search them in Google search engine. You can find many affordable offers out there.

    If you want to enjoy the beauty and style of eating but cannot spend that much money, then, you can opt for reproduction. This chair is quite affordable and expensive from $ 1,000. The only condition is that you buy from a reputed Seller because you have a huge amount of money and you want high quality, both in design and in materials.

    Egg chairs can be placed anywhere in the house. They are ideal in the sitting room or in the library where you want to meet other people in a comfortable atmosphere. They can also be used for beautiful visuals. This chair is made to look and go pretty. After all, they are one of the most famous representatives of Danish Style made by indonesian teak furniture manufacturer.