Hallucinations: F/W 2019

  • Hallucinations // F/W 2019
  •          Hallucinations is a Fall/Winter Women’s Wear Collection in the Bridge price point.  This collection is inspired by the Hippie youth culture movement in the 1960s. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, a group known for rejecting ‘the Establishment’, experimenting with psychedelic drugs, living communally, and their iconic psychedelic painted school bus that they called ‘Further’.  In their escapades, the group planned Acid Tests, or parties where participants would drop acid and party until it wore off.
             The silhouettes for this collection came from an idea I had about how the dynamic of communal living would change how the Merry Pranksters populate their closets.  The silhouettes include a lot of garments that have been seemingly repurposed from some other garment that could have worn out over time, like overalls that have been cut at the waist to create a crop top, the top of a pair of jeans being repurposed to be the top of a skirt, two pairs of pants being sewn together, and things of that nature. 
             This collection features many fabrics of varying weights.  Heavier utilitarian fabrics being paired with lighter weight fabrics also lend to the ‘pieced together’ feel of the collection.

  • Concept Board
  • Fabric Board
  • Look Board One
  • Look Board Two
  • Flat Board One
  • Flat Board Two