Private Label & Collection for Walmart

  • F R E E    T I M E

  • My concept highlighted the geometric designs found within the city as well as its subtle retro aesthetic. 
  • Many fabrics with stretch were utilized in this collection to ensure a more comfortable fit on a wider variety of body types.
  •   Free Time's focus is to create pieces for both new and old Walmart customers. The designs were created with the ability to be both paired with other pieces in the collection and with the basics already in the customer's wardrobe. 

      Free Time is for the working woman who wishes to be fashionable but doesn't feel confident in picking her own outfits or doesn't know how. This label is an approachable and reliable source for easy to style looks that don't break the bank.
  •      These looks were designed to flatter the body as simply as possible. Vertical seams and stripes aid in elongating the form, as well as different ways of cinching at the waist flatter a woman's curves. All of the garments have certain degrees of stretch to them. The stretch paired with the waist ties means that these looks are able to fit a wider range of body types because of their adjustability.