"Anon Activewear" for Walmart/Li & Fung

  • Collection Synopsis.
  • Sketchbook Research.
    Janet Guthrie was a pioneer in her sport of race car driving by being the first woman to compete in well-known competitions. Women in the 1970s began to look to her as a significant figure in the women's movement. I discovered that there was a major women's movement at this time, especially in art with the feminist art movement. The feminist art movement advocated for the female perspective to be seen in art, as opposed to the singularity of the male perspective in art.
  • Sketchbook Research (cont.).
    "The feminists of the early 1970s were largely urban. educated, middle class women"- which is the target market Walmart, this private label, and this collection want to target. A specific feminist artist that was inspiring was Miriam Schapiro with her use of lively printed fabrics and patterns.
  • Concept Board.
    Used images from feminist artists and also images to signify trends and silhouettes in activewear.
  • Hang Tag and Neck Label.
    One of the protesters on the "Feminist Art Movement" sketchbook page was holding a sign with the Virginia Woolf quote "For most of history, anonymous was a woman". This quote is very profound, and inspired the private label name "Anon Activewear", short for anonymous.
    The square hang tag feels more unique and stylized compared to a typical rectangular hang tag. The back neck label is a screen printed label, great for activewear.
  • Fabric Board.
    Use of activewear spandex knits,stretch mesh, and polartec. Color palette includes neutral grey, pale blue, light pastel pink, mauve, tangerine orange, and crimson red.
  • Illustrations.
    Look one- hooded zip up, sports bra, running shorts
    Look two- cropped top, high waist leggings with ties around calves
    Look three- quarter zip sweatshirt and cropped leggings
    Look four- fitted tank top and tennis skirt
    Look five- long sleeve cropped top and spandex shorts
    Look six- boy shirt and long leggings
  • Technical Flats.