• Submission // F/W 2020
  • Submission is a Spring/Summer Women’s Wear Collection in the Bridge price point.  This collection is inspired by how in World War II, when most of the able bodied men who were working in factories had to leave and fight in the war, and so women had to take their place as factory workers.  In this time, men thought that women would not be able to effectively take their place.  Men thought women would be distractible, vain, concerned with the mundane, and waste time if given these factory jobs. 
    This collection is inspired by both traditionally feminine silhouettes found in that era, juxtaposed with more utilitarian ‘masculine’ silhouettes.  The collection also features pieces inspired by undergarments the women of this era wore, as a poke at the men who insisted on women maintaining their modest appearances.
                This collection features many fabrics that would be considered utilitarian in nature, again juxtaposed with lighter weight suiting and more traditionally feminine fabrics just like the silhouettes.