• Competition: Giddy.io's Cat/Keyboard Concept Challenge
    Winner: Judge's Favorite

    Featured on: Yanko DesignCreapills & 18h39.fr

    Working from home with cats can be a struggle once they see that your focus is on anything but them. Soon they’re splayed out all over your computer, knocking over tools or snoozing on your TPS reports. We love our cats but as much as we enjoy their company, there’s work to be done. 

    Our Ascend Desk is designed around cat behavior, it guides cats up to multiple landings like a cat tree where they can lounge (or you can use as storage). Each ramp is set at a gentle 30° incline, so it’s accessible to cats of any age. On top there’s plenty of space to stretch out or curl up including a storage tray area with openings to hold charging cables in place.  The Ascend Desk gives your cats plenty of options to supervise while you finish your work in peace.


    Design a stylish and functional desk or work station with features comfortable for cats.
  • Initial Concept: The ramps proved to be too steep and were redesigned to be more accessible.
  • Process: Manufacturability was a priority for the client, so care was taken to be sure it could be easily made by hand or by CNC.
  • Final Concept