Flower and Leaf Printing

  • I create images from the pigmentation of leaves and flowers using a process similar to mono-printing. I begin by placing a brightly colored leaf, or flower petal between two sheets of paper and against a thick plate of glass. I began this process using the  Coleus plant, a popular annual for outdoor planters in the summertime. My family keeps a collection of several varieties of coleus indoors year round. Now, I mainly use flowers and add to the images with drawings and tracings.
  • Coleus leaf manipulations.
  • Coleus Leaf Value Scale.
  • A leaf print mosaic made using the value scale.
  • Coleus, Beet Juice, Micron.
  • Coleus, Blue Iris, Pen.
  • Pink Begonia, Caladium, Marker.
  • Pansies.