Design 7: Empathy Museum on Social Interaction

  • Concept Statement:
    Today we live in a world with four different generations each having to deal with the advancement of technology and the slow decline of social interaction. This museum focuses on taking a step back and putting down your phone and communicate with each other. The museum uses a single path with a slow pulsating glowing floor that keeps guest moving through the exhibits in hopes to make guest interact with each other.   
  • First Floor Plan
  • First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan 
  • Second Floor Plan 
  • Second Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan 
  • Wall Shelving Detail 
  • Graveyard Shelving Detail 
  • Graveyard Exhibit Perspective 
  • Call A Friend Exhibit Perspective 
  • Building Section 
  • Mail Room Exhibit Perspective 
  • Mood Board 
  • Material Board