Roji Japanese Tea

  • Roji Japanese Tea aims to bring the history and culture of Japanese tea to America.
    Included in the system are two flavors of loose-leaf tea, as well as a powdered matcha. The app that accompanies the product gives users a chance to dive into the culture and learn more about the history of Japanese tea.
  • The illustration style on the packaging is inspired by a traditional style of Japanese art called ink washing, and is kept simple to mimic the calmness of a tea ceremony. When placed together, these three flavors align to form an image of a Japanese tea garden.
  • An important component of Roji is the ability for the user to interact with the packaging and learn more about Japanese culture. There is a barcode on the inside lid of every Roji product that, when scanned in our app, allows users to collect different "mugs". These mugs can be used in a virtual Japanese tea ceremony, where they learn about the different terms and mannerisms used in these ceremonies. The app also has features including a virtual tea garden tour, a shelf for collecting mugs, and a Roji retail locator.