Design 7: Wildlife Conservation Museum

  • Design 7 Final Project: Empathy Museum

    I was tasked with finding a topic that inspires empathy and create a museum based around that idea. I decided on a wildlife conservation museum with a focus on extinct and endangered wildlife and how habitat destruction, climate change, and wildlife crime heavily affects these species and how humans can do to help. My museum is inspired by both my love for animals and the very real situation the world is facing due to climate change and how the lack of biodiversity will have a severe impact on the Earth. The existing building is located in Germantown and is existing as a field house for the Germantown Friends School. This project called for the addition of a mezzanine level, ADA access throughout, and sustainable methods to be utilized. 
  • Entry/ Lobby Perspective
  • Final board layouts: 36" x 66" each
  • Concept: My design is inspired by the migration patterns of species in the wild. The concept is influenced by the idea of a single path that educates visitors on the history of different species, from species that have gone extinct to what the future might hold, and how each species is being threatened by human behaviors. 
  • Mood Board
  • Endangered Animal Exhibit
  • Habitat Exhibit Perspective
  • Immersive A/V Exhibit Details
  • Climate Change Exhibit Details
  • Air and Water Pollution Exhibit Details
  • Second Floor Multi-Exhibit Perspective
  • Reflection Exhibit Perspective 
  • Exploded Axonometric 
  • Materials Board
  • Exhibit Section Model 1/4" = 1'-0"