Farm to Fridge Mobile Market

  • Industry Sponsored System Design Project

    The 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health approached us saying that the diabetes epidemic is more prevalent than ever before in Western Pennsylvania, specifically Cambria and Somerset counties. We created a system to help empower these residents to improve their quality of life through educating about healthy eating habits, collaborating with local farmers, and creating a sense of community.

    The area is rich in agriculture but has many food deserts, so we proposed Farm to Fridge—a mobile produce truck that takes produce from farms in the area and brings it straight to the people of Cambria and Somerset counties. The deliverables include a monthly publication that helps residents with portion control and healthy recipes. Residents also receive a starter kit with tools for cooking and a calendar that houses information about fresh food. Residents can connect with the mobile market through an app that notifies them when the truck is coming and what is in it that week.
  • Mobile Market
  • Flip over the cover wrap for a long map of the mobile market route that residents can hang up in their home.
  • Comparing price, time, and calories of fast food to a home cooked meal. *The real heart of our project!
  • A harvest chart that shows residents the seasonality of local fruits and vegetables.
  • Kids Korner is a section that allows kids to color and play games.
  • 11x17" Posters
  • Tear-off Coupon Posters
  • Residents can learn more about Farm to Fridge through the mobile app.
  • The mobile app allows residents to see the route of the truck and what is on it in real time.
  • Residents can take home a tote bag from the truck that houses the field guide, a calendar, cooking tools, and other Farm to Fridge swag.
  • Our Process & Behind the Scenes

    We began by researching more about diabetes and Western Pennsylvania. The client talked to us about Johnstown, PA and gave us insight into the daily life there. We determined that there were three major themes that were pivotal in impacting the people—community, leisure activities, and food. These themes are important gateways to connecting with the people and we considered each throughout the process.
  • Also in the beginning stages of the project, we partnered with third-year pharmacy students in a diabetes immersion class at Thomas Jefferson University. They taught us more about diabetes and how it affects the every day life of individuals living with the disease. We participated in a design-thinking workshop to brainstorm ideas and methods that prevent and manage diabetes.
  • Ultimately, the interprofessional interaction helped us to hone in on a design opportunity—designing a system that encourages healthy eating habits through local produce.

    We began sketching logos, publication layouts, possible illustrations, and app wireframes. We scrapped some, kept some, and moved forward by digitizing the ones we felt were most appropriate.
  • We refined our ideas and designs based on feedback from a check-in and a mid-semester critique with the client. This is when it became apparent that we needed Farm to Fridge to appeal to the whole family in order to make the most impact. We were also encouraged to incorporate the local farmers within our imagery to reinforce the partnership that Farm to Fridge has with them.
  • Making changes and continuing to create deliverables for production in November 2018.
  • Presenting our Farm to Fridge system to the client in December 2018.
  • Awards & Recognition

    Farm to Fridge was selected to be on display at the Jefferson Celebration of Innovation Exhibition.

    This project placed among the 2019 Top Talent of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. (:
  • Farm to Fridge at the Jefferson Celebration of Innovation Gala in May 2019.
  • Credit Where Credit's Due

    Art Direction: Frank Baseman
    Advisors: Dr. Trina Thompson, Dr. Amy Egras, Dr. Renata Schiavo
    Client Coordinator: Beth Shirrell

    To read more about this industry-sponsored project from JeffersonToday, click here​​​​​​​
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