Loft Project_Fall 2011

  • The goal of this project was to create a residential space reminiscent of the clients home country of Japan. During my research, I was drawn to traditional Japanese ornament which often uses intricate detailing to connect larger images. I used this concept, connecting delicate elements to connect larger spaces and forms. 
  • For my floor plan I wanted to mimic the layout of an ordinary Japanese home. The Japanese often employ simplistic floor plans with a focus on the separation between public and private. Because of this, I made the dining, kitchen, and living room areas open to one another allowing the client, a restauranteur, the perfect space for entertaining while keeping the bedrooms as secluded as possible. 
    My concept is primarily shown through the loft's fireplace. The custom piece is made up of large boxes pushing and pulling in the space connected by thin shelving. The same shelving then wraps around the room to the kitchen, connecting larger spaces. This concept is also seen in the staircase located in the dining room. Here, boxes push and pull while thin rods move upward to connect the first and second floors.  These elements are meant to re-imagine the patterns seen in traditional Japanese art. 
  • For the decor of the house i wanted to yet again embrace the idea of the traditional Japanese home. I kept the materials clean and simple utilizing off-white walls, black leather, and stainless steel. I then added a mix of traditional japanese and contemporary art along with pops of color to make the space modern and urban.