On-Campus Daycare Facility at Jefferson University

  • On-Campus Daycare Center at Jefferson University
  • The first and final project in INTD 308 - Construction DocumentsĀ for Interior Design is an adaptive reuse proposal for a retrofitting of an existing building on Jefferson University's campus, the SEED Center. The project focuses on proper documentation and preparation for the many operators of the built environment (developer, contractor, architect, etc.). This project allowed students to investigate a simulation of a real-world project with a heavy emphasis on proper syntax, titling, and drawing arrangement. This, coupled with the final project for INTD 310 - Textiles and Materials for Interior Design gave students an in-depth look at how real-world projects are designed, documented, and presented. The following isĀ the set of final sheets, prepared in Revit following regimented structure and organization of drawings, schedules, and specifications.