Blue Iris – Recovery Support Box

  • Blue Iris partners with NEDA, Headspace, and Aerie to send a “support box” to eating disorder sufferers. The box provides materials for both the sufferers and their support network. The content of the box is inspired by a calming technique, called “grounding,” which helps alleviate stress and anxiety by using the five senses. The personal guide is a tool for those suffering, to get more information about the types of eating disorders and find resources to guide them in their recovery journey. The guide for loved ones also educates about eating disorders and offers advice on how to comfortable talk about the disorder. The Blue Iris accompanying app serves as a platform to connect users with others who are suffering, and to find inspiration and support for their recovery.​​​​​​​
  • The illustrations for the project are inspired by the imperfect nature of brushstrokes and emphasizes the unique qualities of each person.
  • The colorful shipping box is meant to bring joy and hope to those suffering from eating disorders.
  • A few of the items included in the box are tea samples, a candle, headphones, and a trial subscription to a meditation app. Each of these items are inspired by the "grounding" technique used by psychologists, which utilizes the five senses to help patients overcome anxiety and focus on the present.
  • The hardcover journal includes both dotted pages and writing prompts.
  • The support guide is meant to be given to friends and family to help them learn more about eating disorders and show them how they can help throughout the recovery process.