Duo Brewing Company

  • Duo is a non-alcoholic beer brewed for the next generation of beer drinkers, catering to a growing population that does not drink, whether for health, lifestyle, or religious reasons. Duo beers are twice brewed to ensure their the highest quality. Oh, and without the alcohol too, hence the name Duo. All the beers are named after famous literacy duos and illustrate key elements in their story. The bright colors are intended to make non-alcoholic beer more fun and engaging. Our brand is engaging, fun, and allows people to go out even when they don’t want to drink.
  • The Duo Website is designed to be a place where people can learn more about who we are as a brand. All of the beers are listed and all their ingredients, a place to locate where Duo is sold, and a break down of what makes Duo special; our brewing process. The brewing process is highlighted to show viewers what makes our beer non-alcoholic and get its name, Duo.