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    Desktop Notification Assistant

    Every day we are exposed to a near constant deluge of information trying to get our attention: Email, messages, posts, updates, tweets and retweets. It's impossible to keep up and just as hard to figure out what's important and what's not, especially when you're trying to focus on your work. 

    Note is a Desktop Notification Assistant designed to help you sort out your digital notifications and stay in the zone. If something truly important comes through it will gently inform you by lighting up its smile. It features an e-paper display to show recent emails and social media updates without the bright, app-filled screen of a smartphone. You can quickly scroll through your notifications with the scroll wheel at the bottom and fire off quick pre-made email replies to answer quick questions or ask Note to remind you about the email later if you need to be more detailed. Note can go anywhere you need using the microsuction pad on its back, it can attach to any hard surface and come off again without leaving a mark. 

  • Inspired by the friendly-tech nature of BERG's Little Printer and the familiar utility of the Post-It Note as the catch-all for quick thoughts, reminders and information. I set out to make a notification tool that wouldn't feel out of place in a workplace and that would also project a feeling of friendliness and trustworthiness to hold those notifications for you like an assistant.
  • Paper prototyping alongside sketching really helped in quickly figuring out the best form and positioning of the controls. I wanted to avoid a touchscreen as it made the device feel more like the smartphone it was trying to help the user escape and found that the scroll wheel concept made it feel more playful, particularly as it started to develop a face later on. 
  • Note was designed for Autodesk's Fusion 360 Design Challenge, you can find a link to its entry on Thingiverse here.