Prison: A Research Book for Capstone / Thesis Project

  • Prison
    an Investigation of America's Correctional Facilities
  • Prison, an Investigation of America's Correctional Facilities is a book that evolved from the research, survey, and design of America's prisons and the penal system that dictates them. This book was completed during the Fall semester of 2018 at Jefferson University and is the first part of a two-part project to propose a new design and system within American penitentiaries. This project is the culmination of over 2,000 pages of scholarly articles, over 23,000 words written, and near countless hours of lost sleep. Investigation of case studies, performance data, private and public relationships with prisons, and overall political tension surrounding our penal system in place today. This project, along with a fellow classmate Hannah Brokos was the first of it's kind to be proposed at Philadelphia University, now Jefferson University, in hopes to begin a trend in a field of Interior Design and Architecture that is almost taboo at this point. This project aims to break open the casket of penitentiary design and ask why the design of prisons have not been re-evaluated in the past 50 years. I chose this project type because the field of Interior Design has a responsibility to promote the health, safety, and well being of all. I chose this project because no one else has until now. With that said, I credit Hannah Brokos as one of few who reflected the same amount of passion and progressive ideaology as I in her own endeavors to find a solution to the very long and intricate problem of imprisonment. This project means an extraordinary amount to me, and as a graduate I hope to find like-minded professionals who feel as responsible as I to build a better penal infrastructure.