The Miquon School: An Energy Audit / Systems Review

  • The Miquon School
    Energy Audit and Renewable Systems Simulation
  • Preface: The Miquon School is a progressive, alternative learning center for students ages K-12 looking to expand their learning through different avenues of education. The Miquon School is currently located at 2025 Harts Ln, Conshohocken, PA 19428, in the Whitemarsh district of Pennsylvania. For the purpose of this project, the Miquon School has proposed to move their location to Manayunk, another neighborhood in Pennsylvania. The project, and all the related data does not have any affiliation with The Miquon School, and cannot serve as a legal representation of The Miquon School.

    This project, completed for the graduate course SDN 603 - Sustainable Systems and investigates a hypothetical solution to a K-12 education center focused on holistic, well-rounded learning, instead of the STEM education prevalent in many Philadelphia schools.
    The project aims to provide relevant and "true" data to a client (The Miquon School) and offer solutions for mitigating their energy, water, and gas usage.