Zenergy Portable | Bluetooth Audio + Sounds + Lighting

  • Zenergy Portable
    Portable Bluetooth Audio + Embedded Sounds + Lighting
  • iHome Zenergy is a product line that focuses on controlling your environment through light and sounds. Whether that is creating calming environments for sleep and relaxation, or an energizing atmosphere for staying awake by using a combination of light and sound therapy. Zenergy Portable combines the benefits of light and sounds into a compact form to be used from anywhere. 

    The idea for the Zenergy Portable began as separate aesthetic exercise for a speaker with a two-tone color gradient exterior. As the idea developed, an opportunity to design a portable speaker opened up the Zenergy line. With the challenge of aligning with the visual brand language of Zenergy, as well as creating a more repeatable finish for mass production, I investigated how to achieve lighting that would appear to glow from the interior. 
  • The final result of the material investigation was a milky colored plastic that appeared opaque when lights are off and evenly illuminate when lights are on. ​​​​​​​
  • Design of the product cabinets are optimized for construction with all PCB boards contained in the bottom half, this allows for the lighting to be free of any shadows in the top half. With buttons on the bottom of the product, an additional rubber pad with cut outs allows for the product to be used in both orientations without fully disrupting sounds.

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