Sound Soother | Compact Fan + White Noise Machine

  • Sound Soother
    Compact Fan + White Noise Machine 
  • iHome Air came about as a way to create the ideal sleeping environment. Sound Soother combines two sleep aids, air circulation and sound, into a compact package to help you regain control over the things that keep you up at night. 

    Room temperature plays a large role in improving sleep, as you are more likely to fall asleep with a lower body temperature. This could be why 80% of people who own a fan, primarily use them while sleeping. 

    White noise and sound machines mask unwanted noise, allowing you to experience less interruptions through the night. In addition, these sounds can aid with relaxation, leading to lower heart rates.
  • A multitude of river stone and ceramic inspired forms were created to align more closely to in home decor. Scale was also vital to the overall design. The housing needed to be optimized to fit the fan and speakers, in order to allow the product to live on a nightstand.
  • I strived to retain the purity of the exterior form by developing a unique concealed hinge that became a celebrated detail of the overall design, rather than a pain point.

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